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A deteriorating chimney stack, if left unattended, can be hazardous to residents and members of the public. P.A. Roofing Ltd are here to ensure this does not happen. We can cater for all of your chimney needs.

Repair the chimney of your home


Preventing a disaster occurring with your chimney stack can often be a simple matter of ensuring that the brickwork is secure through repointing, and that leadflashing is dressed correctly, which also prevents undesirable water entry. We can perform this work in a way that will match the existing brickwork, and ensure that the chimney is secure for the future.

Repoint your chimney for a reasonable price

   •   Rebuilding

   •   Repointing

   •   Bird Proofing

   •   Chimney Removal

   •   Reduction in height

   •   Chimney pot maintenance

Chimney Removal by P.A. Roofing Ltd


Work started on the date agreed and finished within budget and on time. All waste removed from site. Helpful, polite and efficient staff. Happy to recommend this company.


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If your chimney is damaged, unsightly, or no longer necessary, we can rebuild, dismantle, or reduce it to minimise future maintenance costs, and ensure it is safe and functional for your home.

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Chimney maintenance

Rebuild your chimney

Wherever you are in Bucks, Beds, or Northants, we are here to ensure you receive the very best service and value for money. Contact us today to arrange for a free quote for your chimney maintenance work.

Chimney maintenance in Milton Keynes for your home